Welcome To Sea Energies Africa

"Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequences of consistently applying the basic fundamentals."

Sea Energies, a petroleum supply company focusing on the downstream of refined petroleum products to market and related businesses. The company’s core functions to meet customer requirements of crude oil and the marketing of our primary refined petroleum products to a wide range of byproducts. We strive to be a world-class supplier, a good employer and a responsible corporate governance company. Committed to service excellence and systematic disciplined management to our operations.

Sea Energies Africa consisting of well experienced, Local, African and internationally seasoned business members, with prior, current, expertise and experience with proven track records and credentials in the industry. These joint qualities brought together by each of our members, formulating an in house and first hand expertise formulating us into one, endorsing us a perfect team to ensuring customer satisfaction.

"Contributing to the current supply, equating the demand and pursuing to guarantee the sustainability for tomorrow.”

Our Key Focus


Satisfied Clients


Tons of Oil


Successful trips


Ships on board

Our Core Business

Quantity is something you count; Quality is something you count on

Systematic investigation into market requirements.


Conveying marine fuels & lubricant product via ship and tankers.

From crude to solvents to over 6,000 items deriving made from petroleum waste by-products.

Refining from crude to petroleum byproducts & bitumen

Competitive supplier of petroleum product in all aspects.

Chemicals & Special Products
Extending byproducts into specialized chemicals & products

Our Global Footprint

Working together with local, international leaders and investors. Striving for a common goal towards the upliftment of nations, thus guarantee the future of our leaders being the youth of today to the leaders of tomorrow.