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Sea Energies, a petroleum supply company, created specifically to cater to the needs within the petroleum sector, filling the gap from supply to demand, built on the dedication and adherence of our team who are the backbone of leading-edge performance. Sea Energies is a name which stands for its commitment, customer care, integrity, and excellent product knowledge.

Sea Energies Arabia, the pinnacle of the group situated in The Kingdom of Bahrain ,a member of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Licensed within NOGA (National Oil And Gas Authority – Our arm in OPEC), that legislates across all MENA (Middle East, North Africa) Regions, Gulf Council Countries and OPEC related Regions, we focus on the downstream of refined petroleum products to market and related businesses. Our Company core functions in meeting with customer requirements of crude oil – with relate to upstream, whilst the marketing of our primary refined petroleum products – in relate to downstream, offering a wide range of by-product from our affiliated refineries. Sea Energies Group strives to be a   supplier, good employers and responsible corporate governance company that not only is the basis of our principles but further enforced by the laws for which we abide by, in accordance to the Bahrain Commerce Ministry Laws and the Laws of NOGA (National Oil And Gas Authorities), in the display, not only in Bahrain but throughout our affiliation in all spheres of the Globe, for which we are subscribed to, but not limited to in the oil and gas sector.

Sea Energies group trades on various platforms conducting multiple activities around the world. The objectives, apart from the petroleum industry, further extends to growth in various sectors within a country, on allowance for development into not only expansion on the business sector but further into social economy, sustained economic growth, stability, sustainability whilst stabilizing healthy trade development sectors that indirectly connects within the petroleum industry and in adherence to the strengthening on a fiscus, for the identified country by advocating our expertise in sectors that  relate to Electrical Engineering Construction (RCG a division of Sea Energies Group), Civil Construction (Al Hana), and our Maritime Services Expertise (Medship) whilst assisting in acquisitioning finance for respective development projects which allows and systemises in deliverance but further on to development for growth on a seamless process on determined envisaged outcomes, that works best in development both in terms of procurement and supply requirements, advantaging the ideology whilst working towards economic growth for the country, social upliftment for a nation’s people, empowerment factors, contributing to the goals of a system that advantages the upliftment of societies and nurturing our leaders of tomorrow, being the children of today, by way of our development project, Deming Educational Services, our corporate social governance project has been offering scholarships and partners with communities to embrace educational opportunities that could place students in an array of higher educational institutions across the world. Our vision is to build total brand power, by innovating, to deliver client value.

The Sea Energies Group aims to increase our global presence, developing relationships that further enhance our ability to service needs across many sector ensuring our range of petroleum products, Electrical Engineering Construction, Civil Construction, Maritime expertise, and Power Utility Supply, and customized services offerings, facilitate not only current but also future requirements of our clients. My vision as Chairman and CEO, to create an extensive network in the respective regions of our various platform and bond a shared vision and passion to excel and to propel the Sea Group to greater heights with seamless deliverance.

Twahir Abbubaker
Chairman & CEO