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Reliable, Sustainable and Affordable

The Green Energy Division of Sea Energies, Eco-Gen Energy is a pioneering effort providing project development, management and operations services across a range of renewable energy technologies and meets the demands for a greener approach to energy consumption.

The inevitable rise in CO2 emissions over the last 30 years and growing global demand for stable electricity, heating, cooling, and transportation represent a major challenge worldwide. A growing population and expanding middle class has destabilized the Global Energy scene. The million-dollar question therefore becomes: how do we put a pause to climate change, provide access to clean and affordable energy for all, without affecting economic progress?

ECO-GEN combines the most advanced technology to save money, conserve energy and make our world “greener”.

ECO-GEN is dedicated to the most advanced, proven technologies that protect the environment, whilst providing energy to a growing base of influencers towards a greener future

Eco-Gen Energy consists of a team of highly experienced people who have worked locally and internationally in areas ranging from energy strategy, policy formulation, energy trading, financial services, land, agriculture and rural development, through to project design, development, management and implementation.

Our team has developed and implemented projects in a number of countries and bring this expertise and experience to the table when designing and implementing projects. We work with local communities, land owners, the farming community and investors to source and develop projects that make a difference. Our projects aim to address a range of today’s environmental, social and economic challenges as we work toward delivering a truly modern sustainable energy system.

Making Energy more convenient, simpler and cheaper

The ECO-GEN JouleBox® Power Station

Each unit is 60kW which will produce 525,600 kWh annually.

Our Commercial Leasing programs provide affordable financing for small, medium and large commercial buildings that may result in savings of up to 100% of their current electric bill.

Utility Scale financing is available to qualified Developers internationally.

The way Power should be…

We develop innovative solutions to sustainability problems within the energy industry. Our technology eliminates most emissions from fossil fuels while enabling better use of intermittent renewables through specialised energy storage. This carbon capture technology is projected to cost half as much as alternatives, offering our clients a more convenient energy solution at an appealing cost.

ECO-GEN Energy® has developed the JouleBox® Power Station which will change the world forever.  ECO-GEN has exclusive, patented  and patent pending technology to produce clean green energy with the JouleBox® Power Station that is more efficient than anything else on the market today.  Rather than a rooftop full of solar panels that takes away from the design and beauty of the property we install 3 solar panels to qualify for the financial incentives and a metal box that is the JouleBox. Unlike typical solar systems that only produce energy 6 hours a day at best, our generator produces energy 24/7/365.  What used to be a monthly expense for the business owner now becomes an income generator with Net Metering.

ECO-GEN combines the most advanced technology to save money your energy bill and make our world “greener”.  ECO-GEN is dedicated to the most advanced, proven technologies that protect the environment and save you money at the same time.

With the JouleBox® Power Station you can produce clean green energy for your  commercial property at a fraction of the normal cost. ECO-GEN Energy, Inc. has exclusive worldwide rights to manufacture and market the JouleBox® Power Station.  ECO-GEN Energy works with independent licensed electrical contractors to make sure your unit is installed properly and you can start saving money immediately.

JB – 65
60 kW
4′ L. X 7′ W. X 5′ High
420 kW
40′ X 8′ X 8′ High
40′ X 24′ X 16′ High
40′ X 42.5′ X 17′ High

Our performance guarantee

The JB-6Ms Electricity Power Generator has the capacity to produce 6MW per hour(JB-6Ms) and 2 or more JouleBox can be interconnected between them to accomplish and deliver the energy needs of your Company or Project.

It is important to highlight that JB Power Generation Plant has an useful-life of 30 years and contains all required patents already approved and also got certified from the best-in-class companies worldwide (Intertek, Metrotek & ISO), likewise the electricity production supply is guaranteed for a period of 10 years (or 20 years with an additional fee), thru an insurance policy issued by Lloyd of London, securing the production of 52.6 million of Kw/h per year for every 6Ms plant.

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