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Sea energies petroleum

supply for the future

petroleum products is our reason for being.

Sea Energies, a Division of the Sea Energies Group is a petroleum supply company and a registered member of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and licensed within NOGA (National Oil and Gas Authority – our arm within OPEC) that legislates across all MENA (Middle East, North Africa) Regions, Gulf Council Countries and OPEC related regions, focusing on the downstream of refined petroleum products to market and related businesses.

Sea Energies’ core function is meeting customer requirements of crude oil – with relation to upstream, whilst the marketing of our primary refined petroleum products – in relation to downstream, and offering a wide range of by products from our affiliated refineries.

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We strive to be a world-class supplier, a good employer and a responsible corporate governance company. These are not only the basis of our principles but we are further bound by the laws which we abide by, in accordance to the Bahrain Commerce Ministry Laws and the laws of NOGA, enforced not only in Bahrain, but throughout our associations in all spheres of the Globe, especially Africa and the inter-connected alliance countries, for which we are subscribed to, within the oil and gas sectors.

World Class Supplier

For the past 15 years, supplying oil and fuel has become our daily business, and we make certain that our business gives you exactly what you need. Our core business is meeting your crude oil, kerosene and refined petroleum needs. Sea Energies specialises in downstream marketing and distribution of products derived from crude oil.

Our core business is meeting your crude oil, kerosene and refined petroleum needs

We Deliver Excellence

With a history of over 30 years and 150 skilled artisans, we deliver excellence in trustworthiness and service.

An accumulative knowledge in Engineering, Mechanical Services, Project Management, Fabrication, Construction, Civil Engineering & Ship Maintenance guarantees service delivery. Holding a prominent role within the energy, petrochemicals, and civil infrastructure sectors we aim to increase our global presence, developing relationships that further enhance our ability to service needs across many sectors.


We entered the market with an objective to supply quality petroleum products and innovative petroleum solutions that focus on customer value chain satisfaction.

We are members of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industries and the National Oil and Gas Authority. To ensure compliance to the  Environmental Acts we and our partners, adhere to all, Environmental and Quality conditions as disseminated by respective supplied countries and global networks

We supply industries from the Commercial, Civil, Aviation and Government Sectors. |