In the course of maritime and shipping business, all of you would have come across the term BAF which stands for Bunker Adjustment Factor. You might have also heard of some ships arriving at your port for Bunkering. Bunker is simply the name given to the Fuel that is used to operate ships.

Few types of Fuel Oils are : MGO (Marine gas oil), MDO (Marine diesel oil), IFO (Intermediate fuel oil) , MFO (Marine fuel oil), HFO (Heavy fuel oil). It is referred to as Bunker because in the past when ships used to run on steam produced from coal, the storage containers for the coal was known as a BUNKER.



Mr. Fernando Manuel Torres Vieira Dias

Operated and managed by our dedicated Sea Energies team under the helm & guidance of our Honorable board member Mr. Fernando M.T.V. Dias, With history & experience dating back to 1977 of being amongst the founders of the old Angonave in 1977, in 1978 part of the first delegation of Angonave abroad (in Holland in Rotterdam), serving as Deputy Chief of functions.

In 1978 created the Department of Chartering and Contracts (Chartering) In 1992 technical staff of the former OBC and a former member of the Board of Directors of Trans-Angola. 2001 -within the Sonangol group activities in Sona Ship operations, responsible for imports of base oils and additives from Le Havre and Leixões and product exports refined to São Tomé activities of & "bunkers" marine gas oil supply (MGO) vessels in the Bay of Luanda and & "offshore”, providing assistance and direct interference in the operations of tankers carrying out the transport of refined products in cabotage Sonangol Distribuidora with former DTLB (Territorial Directorate Luanda Bengo) at the Navy Department as Procurement and Technical Operations.

Marine Business Unit (UNM) with the Head of Function Operations Department A student from the University of Nova Lisboa / Fresti & progeny of Lloyd's Maritime Academy: Lloyd's maritime "Time & Voyage charter parties & charter contracts for time and travel Ensuring every detail adhered to in accordance, utilizing his expertise and experience of his personal background fulfilling from service excellence to customer satisfaction".