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The Sea Energies Group is a culmination of unique synergy within our group of diversified companies. Situated at various global locations in Kuwait, Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon, South Africa, Republic of Angola, Malaysia, South Korea, Uzbekistan, United States of America, Mexico, with representations in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangkok, Philippines, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Central African Republic, with our head offices situated in the Kingdom of Bahrain, we together, provide a matrix on expertise for the formulation on strategies that are mutually beneficial to our organisation and our clients.

The pinnacle of the group, situated in The Kingdom of Bahrain, an authorized/registered member of NOGA (National Oil and Gas Authorities), a member of the Bahrain Commerce Ministry and a member Bahrain Chamber of Commerce.

Divisional offices in Kuwait Alhana, focuses on the oil fields of Kuwait and maintenance of refineries. Registered member of government bodies – Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Central Agency for Public Traders, Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kuwait of Oil Company, Shamal Azzour, Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company, Kuwait Oil Tanker Company and Kuwait Petroleum Corporation.

This culminates in the achievement of common objectives, utilizing combined strengths for elimination of hurdles which occasionally hinder the paths of development, awarding our clients the benefits of prompt executions in delivery. These factors allow for streamlined sales processes of our petroleum products.