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RCG Energies, the engineering division of Sea Energies, provides Engineering, Construction, Operation, Maintenance and technical field services to the Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Industrial Process and Renewable Energy Sectors. Active in more than 20 countries with our 150 plus electrical and mechanical Engineers, we provide innovative systems, products, solutions and technical services as a specialist in Oil and Gas, Marine, Drive, Power, Traction and Industry. Our fields of activities could be summarized within Power Plants and HV Substations, Electrical Drive and Propulsion, Rail Transport, Industrial Commissioning

and Maintenance. Our ability providing services in design, testing, commissioning and maintenance.

This culminates in the achievement of common objectives, utilizing combined strengths for elimination of hurdles which occasionally hinder the paths of development, awarding our clients the benefits of prompt executions in delivery. These factors allow for streamlined sales processes of our petroleum products, energy power supply, electrical engineering and maritime services advocating the propulsion further into the empowerment and infrastructure development sector for which our clients may at times require, utilizing the connectivity within our group of companies in achieving the development goals within their respective countries.


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  1. Transmission and Power Generation Successfully contracted in high voltage substations and power plants. commissioning substations up to 400KV  to 800 MW through network distribution system. 

  2. Electrical Drive and Propulsion Whilst intervening in several diverse and challenging fields such as cruise ships, oil tankers, chemical tankers, research vessels, fishing ships and LNG tankers. Power Generators (Diesel or Electric), HV switchboards, propulsion system, induction motors, harmonic filters, and bow thrusters.

  3. Oil and Gas services to onshore oil and gas field developments:
    Project Management and Site Development.
    Engineering, Procurement and Construction.
    Commissioning and Start-up.
    Long- term operations and maintenance.

  4. Onshore oil and gas field development and processing terminals that include Gathering Lines, Manifolds, Gas-oil separation plants (GOSPs), Pumping and compression stations field surveys, design and procurement: turn-key pipeline projects.

  5. Rail transport field Diesel / Electric Locomotives. The traction domain developed with ALSTOM to maintain 30 locomotives in Syria and to perform the after sales services for 100 Locomotives in Iran.

  1. Industrial Commissioning Since 1999 as an engineering company, specialized in various tasks of Industrial Commissioning from studies, realization, installation, commissioning and after sales services concerning Electrical propulsion, Variable speed, Electrolyze, Generator special tests, Power plants, Substation, Traction and other industry.  Network stability, Harmonic and short circuit studies, Commercial support and training.



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